Body Shaper Myth

Posted on29th Mar 2018

Body Shaper Myth #1: Body Shapers Are Tight and Painful

A very common shapewear myth would be that your shaper must be extremely tight. People even recommend choosing a size down when purchasing a shaper saying smaller shapers provide a lot more control. This's not true! A well made body shaper is going to shape and form your body without the need to size down.

Sizing down means that you'll be wearing a shaper that's too small. This might result in the dreaded roll up no woman wants.

Wearing a shaper that is too small can also cause discomfort, a misshapen silhouette, and cause damage to your shaper. Always be sure to size according to the size chart for and read comments other shoppers leave in reviews. This will help you understand how the garment might fit on you before you purchase it.


Body Shaper Myth #2: All Shapers Roll

Another misconception is that shapers are uncomfortable and will roll. If a shaper is uncomfortable, pinching, poking you or rolling up or down, there's a good possibility that you're wearing a shaper that's not created for your body type. Your shaper could simply be too small.

Trying different styles and reading shopper reviews as well as consulting sizing charts can help you pick the perfect trainer. Once you have the right control garment, you’ll find it comfortable and secure.


Body Shaper Myth #3: All Girdles Are For Grandmas

Today’s shapers are not your ancestors girdles! Body shapers of today have evolved into fashionable and even sexy undergarments. Some are soft and lacy like lingerie. Other shapers are built into clothes or swim garments. There are unlimited styles and fabric choices.

Wearing a sensual shaper can provide you with a boost of confidence and help your posture. Shapers are a modern choice for every woman.


Body Shaper Myth #4: Body Shapers Only Work For Some Women

In case you think body shapers are only for plus size females or perhaps, conversely, that plus size females cannot find adequate body shapers you are wrong. Shapers are ideal for any figure or size. Regardless of what your size is, body shapers exist to improve all figure types. Some shapers focus on slimming your thighs, flattening your tummy or eradicating your love handles.


Body Shaper Myth #5: Waist Training Is Dangerous

Not every body shaper is a waist trainer and not all waist training is dangerous. Training your waist to look trimmer and more shapely can be safe.

Wearing waist cinching garments may provide temporary physical benefits like a smaller waistline and a general slimmer appearance, and might also offer health benefits. Wearing a corset or any other compression garment for a very long time may just give the wearer the advantage of back support and posture control due to the binding and cinching effect.

The boning, elastic or perhaps rubber material of the waist cincher also gives those that wear them added abdominal support, which may be useful in reminding you to sit up straight throughout the day or perhaps to not overeat.


Shop Comfortable Body Shapers At Curveez

Finding a modern and comfortable shaper has never been easier than shopping Curveez online. If you need help choosing your first body shaper, try our low compression options.

Contact Curveez for extra support if you need any help. Once you get the right shaper, words like sexy, lacy, and comfortable will start coming to mind when you think of your shaper!

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