How To Create An Envious Silhouette Using Shapers

Posted on16th Apr 2018

Pick The Right Shapewear Or Trainer For The Job- In The Right Size!

It's typical for customers to believe that shapewear should be so tight it sucks everything in. That’s not true at all, especially for waist training.

If you’re wearing fashion shapewear under a gown or dress, you want to choose a breathable, comfortable garment. Make sure you can move, easily use the restroom and fit two fingers between your body and the shapewear with minimal stretching.

This two finger rule applies to waist trainers as well. If the shapewear piece is simply too small, it is going to tend to bunch up and appear to be unattractive and noticeable beneath your clothing.

To be able to create the best silhouette, you need to be aware of the various pieces and styles of shapewear available. Some garments target the stomach while others shape the legs and thighs.

When waist training, don’t lace or fasten your corset too tight at first. The boning will adapt to your shape over time. Trying to force the corset too quickly can damage and warp the boning and cause you some discomfort as well. 

How To Put On Shapewear

Pro tip: put your shapewear on from the bottom up like tights. This is the easiest way to get into your garment and also protects it. Putting it on incorrectly can strain your muscles and potentially ruin your shapewear.

Choose A High Quality Brand

Remember that more affordable is not always better. There's a distinction between a piece that costs $10 and another that costs $50. Research several brands and read customer reviews to see how others feel about the performance of the brand’s offerings.

Safe Waist Training For much longer Results

Safe waist training follows these guidelines: 

  • Only spend 1 - 2 hour in your corset at a time until you break it in. At least a week of daily wear.
  • Embrace the gradual process and don’t tighten too often or too quickly. Your corset should never be painful. We recommend gradually increasing the time spent in your waist trainer from 1.5 hours one day to around 6-8 hours one day over the course of 10 to 14 days.
  • Take breaks when you need it. If your corset feels uncomfortable, take it off and take a break. 

Finally, do not expect waist trainer results from a lingerie or fashion corset. Fashion corsets are designed for looks, not waist training, and usually do not have the steel boning necessary to "cinch" properly.

Be sure to consider these suggestions when choosing your shapewear pieces at Curveez. They all play a role in creating the dream silhouette you’ve always desired.

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