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Posted on2nd Apr 2018

How Cosmetic Body Shapers Are Different Than Post Surgical Body Shapers


A garment that feels like athletic wear, yoga wear, or a cosmetic shaper aren't created for wear after a surgical treatment. They simply won't provide the amount of constant and sustained compression you need to heal. They also don’t feature the type of design you need.


We offer shapers designed for immediately post surgery and later in your recovery. Each is optimized for your stage of healing.

Immediately Post Surgery

Our Stage 1 garments are designed for maximum comfort, swelling reduction and pain reduction. They are comfortable enough to wear during the night and provide moisture control to reduce infection.


After Week 4

At this stage, most of your swelling is gone and you may need a different garment. Our second stage options are compatible under clothing, help tone and smooth skin, reduce bruising and support your skin and muscle tone.

Features You Need In Your Post Operative Compression Garment

A post operative compression garment is a medical garment with a certain purpose: to encourage the healing and recovery process after an aesthetic or reconstructive procedure. These garments also assist the skin conform to its brand new contours. Check for the following features no matter what stage of recovery you are in.


The fabric should be high quality, designed to retain its form and shape during extended wear, provide support and compression equally from all the angles and ought to be breathable.


A proper post operative compression garment needs to be designed to offer the perfect amount of support and compression to the medically treated area. Far too much compression may delay the healing process, while insufficient compression defeats the purpose and is ineffective.

Inner Support Panels

Inner fabric panels are necessary at key surgical sites to stabilize the tissue that just been shaped and molded as well as provide the perfect amount of compression


Open Crotch

Because your body is sore and swollen during the original recovery time, open designs allow freedom to use the bathroom without removing your garment. Your garment must feature an anatomically correct open crotch for ultimate comfort and wearability post surgery.

Proper Seaming

You'll be wearing your compression garment for long periods of time and you don’t want painful seams digging into your body. All seams should be flat so as to not press into your tender flesh.


Additionally, seams at key surgical sites can rub and irritate. Thus, your compression garment should be designed with no seams at key surgical sites or perhaps with minimal, flat seams at the medical sites.

Proper Closures

The garment you wear immediately after your procedure must provide easy access because you won't have the ability to step into and pull on a difficult, tight fitting garment. Our Stage 1 garments close with hook and eye fasteners which prevents the painful seams noted above. Additionally, hook and eye closures don’t bunch and loop the way a zipper can. These two areas of comfort are most important right after a surgical procedure.

Curveez Post Surgical Body Shapers

Curveez recently launched a line of post operative body shapers to assist customers heal after cosmetic procedures. We have taken great care to meet all of the requirements you have while you recover.


Shop our selection of post surgical body shapers at your website. If you have any questions at any time, please contact our support team for help and assistance.

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